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I wish Merry Christmas to all of you.

Markets have exhibited extreme volatility in last 4 years(2008-2012). Investors, Speculators and Gamblers were enjoying fascinating rally of 2007 and that suddenly turned into nightmare in 2008 before they could understand what is happening? and why is happening ?. Sensex crashed 65% in less than a year time. No fund manager or analyst of India warned investors in 2007 that it may abruptly end except Sanjiv Duggal of HSBC. NO fund manager or analyst said before collapse that we are in a global world and will be punished even for reckless lending of US banks, we have no direct connection with.

Investors were gloomy, their investments had doomed but that was the time for a new fantastic rally of 2009, which gave quickest returns of the decade, wherein Sensex doubled from 8800 to 17800 in less than a year time.

But, I am proud of my forecasts and predictive writing. I could virtually guide clients through this volatility. Clients earned good returns in all years from 2008 through 2012. Here is the track record. I do not know, how many analyst would dare to publish track record…


I advised client to invest in Gold in 2007 and gave the target of $2250 when Gold was trading just at $700. Gold gave whopping more than 250% return since then.

I started warning clients to exit Equity markets from August 2007 before it crashed in 2008. I inscribed series of articles on coming US collapse followed by recession. Read here…


I wrote unambiguously on 1st Oct, 2008 that you have heard of black day and week but this month would be declared as Black Month. In the month, I called Black October, Equity market crashed whopping 40%.

( )

In 2008, when investors had lost capital let alone profit earned between 2003-2007, my Investors earned 33% profit in year of 2008 as rightly I could guide clients to invest in long term G-sec funds wherein every 1% dip in interest rate earned 10% returns to clients.( )


On 31st Dec, 2008, I recommended to buy Sugar (commodity futures and sugar stocks). Recommended company Shree Renuka Sugars delivered massive 400% returns.

( )

I wrote article on March 1st, 2009 that cycle is turning up on the back of massive money printing and start ploughing back capital. I do not need to say that clients made huge gains ranging from 200% to 500% in a short span of a year.

( )

Clients made fat 50% just in a month from 9th March, 2009 to 17th April 2009.


In 2010, I advised investing in Energy. Crude Oil went up massive 40% in next 7 months. Clients took home 30% return in 6 months.

I wrote on 14th April, 2010 that Gold is about to explode upside, now. In subsequent months Gold went up from sub $1100 to above $1400.


In 2011, I expected Markets to come off, correction in metal and commodities but continued to expect higher levels in Gold.

I warned on Rupee’s fall citing reasons for it


From August, 2012, I started Daily Wealth Free Service, wherein clients received daily updates on investments, new recommendations and more… this can be read on blog.

I recently wrote on Rupee’s reversal

( )

Nifty to hit 6100

( )

I do not know, How much you earned in last 4 years?

If not equivalent to above track record. I have an offer for you. As you see, in different years different asset classes were recommended to optimize return and also because those assets were in trend.

First time, I am offering “Comprehensive Wealth Enhancement Service” at 50% discounted price of Rs. 10,000/year. ( Offer valid till 10th Jan, 2013)

It includes my recommendations on Indian Equity, Global Equity, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Currency and Debt market, all in one package.

Subscribers paid separately for Equity, Bullion and Currencies till 2012.

You need not to worry whether market is in bull or bear phase, US cliff will be avoided or not, Europe will come out from recession or not, Indian Economy will manage to grow at pre crisis period or not. I will ensure, you investment rides through these intricacies and complexity of policies, economics and crisis to ensure return on your investments.

My whole hearted efforts are to generate in excess of 20% returns on asset classes I recommend.

2013 going to be a game changing year for both Developed and Emerging nations. Get enrolled to enjoy market’s ride on both the sides of X axis in 2013.You will also receive copy of 2013 forecasts upon signing up.

Indian Equity includes recommendations on Shares listed on NSE & BSE, IPOs and Mutual Funds.

Global Equity includes recommendations on Global ETFs registered on NSE and Global Mutual Funds. (Our investment in China Mutual Fund is returning close to 40% return.)

Bullion includes recommendation on Gold ETF listed on NSE, Gold & Silver Futures listed on MCX, Gold Mutual Funds, Global Mutual Funds of Gold & Silver mining companies.

Crude Oil recommendation includes Crude Oil future listed on MCX, Global Energy mutual funds.

Currency includes recommendation on USD/INR pair.

Debt Market includes recommendations of all sorts debt including Bonds, Deposits, FMPs, Debt Mutual Funds, Liquid Mutual Funds as and when appropriate.

To get registered, follow 3 simple steps

(1) Deposit Rs. 10,000 in HDFC Bank A/C No. 0416 1140000 010

Account Holder: Dhaval C Shah

IFSC Code: HDFC0000416

(2) Mail your details on academyofinvestment. Details should include Full Name, E-mail ID, Mobile Number, Address(Receipt will be sent on address), profession.

(3) Confirmation : Upon receiving details, You will get test mail, Just send it back to confirm your mail ID.

Now, you will start receiving investment recommendations and updates on mail id and /or mobile.


Dhaval Shah

Blog: Cell: 98255 28815


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  1. hi mr shah i am nri living in canada and current have nri account in india . i have been following your news letters for quite a while now very impressed by analysis and i am interested opening trading account in india and would like to register . and planning to open trading account thru icici bank . just like to know more info

  2. great post and I really got the latest information and trends in the market . I was planning to invest in real estate in Pune and now will hold this decision though will look for some other options ..

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