Two Successful Years of taming the Market


Dear Investor

I have been writing since last 2 years uncannily tracking all major boom and busts in Equity Market, Bullions( Precious Metals ), Commodities and Global Economy.

I started writing to my core clients from Aug 2007, suggesting Gold investment at around level of $ 700-800 and predicting 2008 crisis. I continued to advise to exit from the market every month citing all those reasons reveled later as causes of the crisis.

After a success of 7-8 months predicting very rightly Gold investment and crisis of 2008, I decided to write more aggresively to larger mass.

From September 2008, i started writing publicaly.

I have put my all letters written since then on my blog


You can now refer all letters monthwise on blog and can referesh thoughts if missed earlier.

I wrote first about the lessons learned from Crude to benefit from Gold. Since, every asset class follows the same boom-bust process and thus forming larger cycle of bubble. I presented this complex procedure in very simple words for better understanding
Link :

I continued to warn about that crisis is far from over through entire Sep 2008


But, then i wrote very straight to take immediate actions to safeguard your investments, predicting very very accurately Black October, during which preiod Market fell close to 47% and finally closed the month nearly 33% lower.


From end of October, i again started focusing on Gold and suggested to remain invested and also to add more gold as Dollar’s sharp fall had become imminent by that time


After fall of October, market was different. Stocks were available some 70-90% down and many, very strong companies were trading quite below to their book values and market was trading at the PE of 8. This led me to search opportunities in beaten down market when investors were expecting further downside


Then, in December first time, i posted my recommendations for public. One of which, Shree Renuka Sugar, has appreciated whopping 400% in a year. In middle of 2008, i had predicted that every commodity, metal and minerals under the sun will zoom past the old records and we are very close to those levels.

I unequivocally said in January that 2009 can be highly rewarding, 2 months before rally started


But, then on March 20, 2009, i worte very precisely about a Stealth Bear Market rally just 2 days before it started


I continued to update about the rally further as it evovled predicting 12500, 14500 and subsequently 17500 sensex level. In August 2009, around market level of 14500, i predicted 17500 level of sensex in as short as 2 months, followed by stock recommendations which yielded close to 18% return in less than 2 months


Lastly, i posted 2 letters on Gold explaining it from 2 different perspective

After receiving highly successfull 2 years forecasts, there was a strong demand from investors to manage their portfolios as well.

And, on that popular demand, i have decided to manage portfolios of investors.

But, my core area of interest is still research. therefore, i will be taking portfolios worth Rs. 20 lacs and above only. Intraday Speculations would not be allowed in portfolio.

Those, who invest for long term, 2-3 years and more, with a view of investing in value comapnies expecting multi fold return in long term would match with the profile.


Dhaval Shah


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