Buy Silver


Dear Investor

I had recommended to start buying Silver last year when it was around 40,900. Silver has traded in narrow window since then.

I recommend to add more at this level. I believe, Silver is in firm up trend.

Upon breaching 40000 firmly, it looks to scale up to 48000. And, if strength sustains, it can scale up to 56,000.

Few reasons:

Silver has corrected more than 60% and looks bottomed out after3-4 years consolidation.

Silver production has come down in 2015.

60% of Silver produced is used in Industrial purpose.

Gold/Silver ratio is at historical high. Hence, It looks Silver will outshine Gold in next rally.

All most all currencies of the World are getting devalued or have been tried to devalue by respective Central Banks of the World in past few years and it continues even now. Seeing deflationary pressures in the developed and now even in emerging world, currency devaluation will gather pace in time to come. Silver looks best hedge and insurance against volatility.



Dhaval Shah

Blog: Cell: 98255 28815

Office – Khushi Investments, GF-1, Shivalay Complex, Near Bank of India, Manjalpur Gam Road, Manjalpur, Vadodara.

Disclaimer: This is a free daily investment newsletter published by Investment Academy. This publication does not provide individual, customized investment or trading advice. All information is based upon data whose accuracy is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Performance returns cited are derived from our best estimates, but hypothetical as we do not track actual prices of customer purchases and sales. Author might have open positions in the stocks and Indices recommended above.


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