Network 18 offers 12%(approx) for 1 year deposit.


Dear Investor

Network 18 opens deposit acceptance window once in a year for week to 10 days. This time, it opens from 18th Dec and latest it will close on 31st Dec, 2013,

Interest offered is very attractive, 11 % (If you opt for quarterly interest payment), 11.46 % Cumulative and close to 12% ( If you are senior citizen).

Those interested, pl contact at the earliest as if needed capital is raised, Company may choose to stop accepting.

PERIOD Min. Amount Rs. Rate of Interest (% p.a.)* Period Min Amount Rs. Rate of Interest(% p.a.)* Amount Payable on Maturity Rs. Annual Yield (%)
1 Year 10,000 11% 1 Year 10,000 11% 11,146 11.46%

Other ongoing products:

Product Interest Rate


Monthly Min. Inv Opens on Closes on Tenure Tax Status TDS Rating Listing


IIHFL -Secured Home Bond 12.15 % 11.52% 10000 12-12-2013 20-12-2013 5 yrs Taxable NO AA- NSE,BSE
HUDCO Tax Free Secured NCB -II 9.01% 10-01-2014 10 yrs Tax Free NO AAA
IIFCL Tax Free Bond 8.66% 5000 09-12-2013 10-01-2014 10 yrs Tax Free No AAA BSE
HDFC Recurring Deposit 8.75% 2000 Running 12-23 months Taxable Yes AAA
HDFC Recurring Deposit 9% 2000 Running 24-36 months Taxable Yes AAA
HDFC Double Money Plan(Doubles Money) 9.15% 20000 Running 95 months Taxable Yes AAA
Network 18 FD 12 % 11% 10000 18-12-2013 1 week 1 year Taxable Yes



Dhaval Shah

Blog: Cell: 98255 28815

Disclaimer: This is a free daily investment newsletter published by Investment Academy. This publication does not provide individual, customized investment or trading advice. All information is based upon data whose accuracy is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Performance returns cited are derived from our best estimates, but hypothetical as we do not track actual prices of customer purchases and sales. Author might have open positions in the stocks and Indices recommended above.


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