Dhaval Shah- Smart money has moved in… when will you?


Dear Investor

Do you want to join the smart investors’ early move?

In any investment opportunity, Smart Investor analyzes opportunity before broad market starts thinking about it. Having sensed an opportunity, smart money moves in first then institutions and HNIs move and last street money moves in. Smart money exits when street moves in.

I had written to my clients in Sep, 2008, when Gold was trading below $800 that “Learn from Crude to gain from Gold”, explaining how trend starts in asset class, moves on and how it ends?

I suggest readers to read it. You know, How much Gold went up thereafter.


Problem was same that time as it is today. Client just behave on their own perception and do not bother even to study an opportunity.

I still suggest to those, who have not invested in G-sec funds, to consider investing in it. For details, read my recent two articles on it…



I have explained in detail, why to invest in G-secs now? and what returns are expected over a period of 1-1.5 years?

And, Smart money has already moved in… read recent news on G-sec investments…

Mutual funds’ holding of government securities nearly trebled in 2012: RBI

Gayatri Nayak, ET Bureau Mar 13, 2013, 07.03AM IST

MUMBAI: Mutual funds’ holding of government bonds nearly trebled last year as investors shifted attention to long-term fixed income schemes from short-term liquid funds to profit from falling interest rates. Assets under management of long-term bond funds have swelled, resulting in a rise in mutual funds’ ownership of G-secs to 1.20% of the total government bonds in float in December 2012 from 0.27% a year earlier, data from the Reserve Bank of India shows.

Pasted from <http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2013-03-13/news/37683592_1_bond-funds-gilt-funds-bond-prices-move>



Dhaval Shah

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