Free Calls Performance of last 3 days- Profit of Rs. 1,52,875


Dear Investor

Please find the performance of Calls initiated on Equity, Commodity and Forex markets in last 3 days. Total absolute gain of last 3 days calls reached to Rs. 1,52,875 .

Keep in mind while analysing performance, Calls were generated during most volatile and direction less period of market.

Except LT, even stopped out calls have given enough opportunity to book profit on higher level. Like ABAN reached to 364.50 against target of 366 before it was stopped out. I think, traders are wise enough to book profit near before target.

Let me also convey the message, which I have conveyed to those, whom I have been sending calls through SMS that Subscription charges are going to increase from 1st Jan, 2012 to Rs. 3000/month from current Rs. 2500/month. Those subscribing before 1st Jan, 2012 will get the benefit of saving Rs. 500.

Similarly, Quarterly charges would also increase to Rs. 8000 from current Rs. 7000 per month.

Hurry to subscribe before 1st Jan, 2012.

Free Calls Performance:

Date Script Buy/Sell Price at the time of call Target Given Stop Loss Advised Lot Size (F & O ) Closing Price Open Gain / Open Loss Target Hit/Stop Loss hit
16-12-2012 Maruti Buy 939 960-985 931 CALL IS OPEN
15-12-2011 JSW STEEL BUY 537 560-573-598 520 500 537.35 CALL IS OPEN
14-12-2011 USD/INR Sell 54.28 51.50 54.28 1000 54.13 CALL IS OPEN
14-12-2011 Gold Sell 28600 28200-27000 28800 100 26950 1,60,000 Target Hit CALL IS OPEN
14-12-2011 LT Buy 1186 1232 1170 250 -4000 Stop loss hit
13-12-2011 Aban Buy 351.5 366 342 500 360 -4750 Stop Loss hit ABAN REVERSED FROM 364.5 SHORT OF JUST RS.1.5 FROM GIVEN TARGET
13-12-2011 ICICI bank Buy 700 730 694 250 706.5 1625 CALL IS OPEN
Absolute Gain 1,52,875

Best Efforts




BARODA | Mob No. 91 9825528815


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