Free Call Service – Performance analysis


Dear Investor

I gave 2 calls today. First advised to buy ABAN and later ICICI Bank. Both calls were given when market was down to the lowest point and almost all analyst on Financial news channel were calling for more downside and had no hope for recovery.

Please look at the performance…

Date Script Price at the time of call Target Given Stop Loss Advised Lot Size (F & O ) Closing Price Open Gain / Open Loss Target Hit
13-12-2011 Aban 351.5 366 342 500 360 4250 Call is open
13-12-2011 ICICI bank 700 730 694 250 706.5 1625 Call is open
Total gain for the Day 5875

Calls given are positional unless stopped out on closing basis.

Today’s open gain is close to more than 2 times of monthly subscription of Rs. 2500/-. Hurry to subscribe…

Best efforts

Dhaval Shah


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