Dear Investor

I have been writing about Markets since last 4 years and accurately forecasting about Market movements that Include World Economy and Markets, Indian Economy and Markets, Bullion, Commodities and Currencies.

In fact, these are intertwined markets. Movement of each market unintentionally affect others and their combined effects decides the future course of Economies.

Since long, there was a demand and even my personal interest to focus and forecast Indian markets more accurately and even to generate trading calls. This required me to focus more on several traditional and non traditional, technical and fundamental tools. That eventually ended up in a model designing which takes into consideration various TECHNOFUNDAMENTAL parameters and generates a call for short term i.e. 1 to 2 week.

Model has been tested in live markets and has given excellent results. Since, I had tools which I used in predicting US fall out in 2008, buy call on Gold in July 2007, buy call on markets in March, 2009,and many more very accurately in last 4 years, helped me lot to design it accurately.

I welcome to all of you to test new product that is Equity Trading Advisory Services.

I have sent SMS to those whose numbers are with me. This service is free till 5th Oct. Those who want to avail free service can send me their cell no( via Mail or by SMS on 98255 28815).

About Equity Trading Advisory Services

It is unique service provided to Investors to generate decent returns from market.

Under this service

§ Client will receive Trading Calls on Equity Market only.

§ We intend to give Short Term Trading Calls only which should achieve target in time frame of 1 to 2 week.

§ We do not intend to give Intraday Calls under this service.

§ We may give Intraday calls as Bonus Calls at our discretion.

§ 4 calls would be given a week. ( It may exceed 4 depending on market condition but minimum calls a week would be 4)

§ Calls would be largely from NSE future segment so that client can participate in Cash and Future both depending on his risk appetite.

§ We warn not to participate in Options ( Call and Put ) on our calls unless specified so while giving call.

§ We recommend ideally Client should not risk more than 5-8% of Trading capital on each call at a time.

§ We may give bonus calls on other market segments like Bullion ( Gold and Silver), Commodities and Currencies at our discretion but not as part of Equity Advisory Trading Services.

Subscription Criteria

Client can subscribe to the service for 1 month to 3 months.


1 Month – Rs. 2500/-

3 Months – Rs. 6500/-

To Subscribe, You can send Cheque in the name of Dhaval Shah at B-8, Vallabh Darshan Society-2, Near Parivar Cross Roads, Waghodia Road, Vadodara.. PIN 390019 or can deposit direct into HDFC Bank account No. 0416 114 0000010.

Please send me mail or SMS with primary details after sending cheque or depositing in account like Name, Address and Mobile Number to facilitate us to generate receipt and courier it to your address.

Please refer Terms and Conditions before subscribing to the Service

Terms and Conditions

1. Calls would be given depending on market conditions.

2. Our best endeavour would be to give 4 calls a week but if market condition warrants, we may not generate a call.

3. Equity Trading Advisory services are our opinions based on our experience and that does not guarantee achievement of price target.

4. Clients participating in Equity Trading Advisory Services are participating at own risk and Equity Trading Advisory Services does not hold responsibility of any losses arising out of it.

5. Calls would be given via SMS only

6. Calls would be from NSE Future segment only. We may give calls outside NSE Future segment at our own discretion.

7. Equity Trading Advisory Services would not entertain any calls regarding justification of price target.

8. We recommend 5 to 8 % exposure only of your total capital to a call at a time.

9. If market opens gap up or gap down and because of that if stop loss does not trigger, it would be client’s risk.

10. Equity Trading Advisory Services has right to change the terms and condition as and when required.

11. Sometimes, Depending on Market Condition, We may need to flash exit from call before achievement of Price Target and/or before hitting Stop Loss.

12. Due to network congestion if SMS reaches delayed to your Mobile Number would not be our responsibility.

13. Subscription once paid would not be refundable.


Dhaval Shah

Office: Investment Academy, E 314, Kashivishweshwar Township Tower, 3rd Floor, Besides Airtel Office, Above Swagat Restaurant, Jetalpur Road, Vadodara.

Mobile : 98255 28815



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  1. I have been following your analysis, reviews and suggestions sine very long time. I can say that you are the BEST in giving suggestions. Your suggestions never failed and its time for me to stop watching CNBC and other business channels. Will just go as per your suggestions

    Ram Winil

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