Urgent Update: Dow to fall, World markets will follow


Dear Investor

Dow and European Indices’s have been scaling newer highs since some time.

But, Now, they have reached to tipping points.

Very soon, Dow will decline and decline may extend upto 9000 in worst case.

Along with Dow, Metals, Commodities and Oil may come down.

If you have outstanding profits in any of above market, I will advise to take it out.

I will right at length explaining reasons in short time.

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  1. Hi Dhaval,
    I also think same for commodities. I think this downtrend in commodities will end around May-June ’11. They should retrace 30% in time at least.
    I do not agree with your view Dow will fall to 9000. I think it will be very difficult for DOW to break 9800 during this downtrend. Even breaking 10300-10500 seems tough before May ’11.


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