Nifty at 7000, Sensex close to 23500 in next 3 months!!!!


Dear Investor

Excuse me If I come on too strong. But, this is how market will end the rally in next few months.

I know, every investor is skeptical of upside and has questions like

How long this rally will continue?
What high will it form before significant correction?

My recent analysis show me that in next 3 months, investors will go euphoric. They would hardly understand what market is doing.

They will be caught completely unguarded on upside and later they will flock to market out of frustration to cash on upside. But, It will be too late.

No one on CNBC or on other news channel would dare to tell you about this. They will come on with euphoric levels once Nifty reaches close to 7000. But, that would be peak of the market.

Investors are still waiting outside waiting for larger correction to happen and looking at every dip as a start of full blown decline. Yes, that is too on card but some time later.

With my cyclical analysis, I believe next 3 months will be very very highly volatile with upside bias. 100 to 150 points of up or down side will become normal order of the day.

In next few days, market can continue upside with vengeance, November may remain a mixed bag.

Though, upside will continue but it will be very difficult to catch it. Market will on one side seem like correcting and on other side it will look like it has tremendous strength as it climbs up to newer highs.

Anyone who wants to participate can trade with stop loss of 5930. Weekly close below 5930 should act as reversal.

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  1. In your other thread, you are talking about Re @40(in fact, you also talk about 36-38 range) and oil @ 125. The same scenario played out in 2007 when Re broke through 44 and dived straight to 40…oil also broke through 100 and went upto 147…..the sensex ran up 50% in 2007 in that environment…, why do you have a muted forecast of 15% for the indices…..why wouldn’t the sensex run upto 30k I.e. 50% from this range if Re and oil repeat their 2007 performance? I think the euphoria from retail will also play out at that level -23k level is probably not too far to accommodate that and also absorb the massive inflow that would come in by the time Re hits 40. Appreciate your inputs.


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