Quick update on Dollar, Gold, Indian Rupee and Oil


Dear Investor

I thought to represent quick update on major assets as volatility and price movements in last few days have accelerated.


I have been writing and updating you about dollar’s fall and that will push bullion prices up.

Yesterday, Dollar breached very important support and I have no doubt that Dollar index will go down to around 75 level in very short period.

Euro went up to 1.33 level. Euro should easily climb past 1.37 level in short period.


With dollar’s fall, Gold should definitely zoom past $1350 level in coming weeks. Hence, hold your Gold portfolio and can add more even at this level.

I recommended Oil investments to my core clients(subscribers) last week. As dollar goes down, Oil will zoom up very soon.
A. For most of the exploration companies, cost of production hovers around $70-75. Hence, downside is very minimum.
B. Research on Peak Oil theory suggest that we reached to peak oil level early to mid of 2000s and since then oil reserve is on decline.
C. As dollar is falling incessantly, Oil price has to adjust higher just to maintain the fair price level.
D. Normally, in winter demand of oil increases and reaches to peak in December. In west, winter is about to start.


With fall in dollar, rupee will zoom past all previous low levels, and will reach to Rs. 36-38 level in mid term.
Check your mail inbox tomorrow for detailed article on, why rupee will strengthen to 36-38 level?

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    • Oil, Gold and INR, all there are contra dollar assets. As dollar goes down, all 3 will appreciate.
      But, Oil and Gold will appreciate far in excess comapred to INR. This can be seen from past experiences.

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