Alert: A Fat rally is about to end


September 23, 2009 4:35 PM

Please Note that You will now get mails from my personal ID: investmentacademy

Dear Investor

You must have made bundles in the past 1 month rally, if heeded my advice.

I expected 17000 level by end of September, when I wrote on 12th August 2009. Market is just 100 points away from that level.

I advice you to exit at this level with whatever profits you have.

As per my expectation, Sensex has given 17 % return. If you followed my stock specific advice, which I mailed on 18th August (attached here for your reference), has given very good returns in 1 month, as shown in below table.

Stock Current price Target 1 Target 2 Stop Loss Current Market Price % Return
ICSA 171 190 277 155 202 18 %
Orchid Chemical 104 142 167 96.80 170 63 %
Satyam 102 129 170 95 120 17.6 %
Everonn Systems 355 368 400 – 499 315 400 13 %
Alstom Projects 504 540 646 473 570 13 %
DLF 378 385 547 349 430 14 %

What Next?

I believe, Globally markets have run up a lot and may correct in Oct and Nov. We may see another leg of rally in 1st Calendar quarter of next year. But, it is too early to predict that because in between we have many crucial events and data to watch for. Meanwhile, keep your cash in Liquid G-sec only mutual funds.

As per the cycle studies, another round of fierce downside should start any time from end of 2009 to mid of 2010, which may take markets back to 2008 level and even below that. But, do not jump to short the market, wait for my signals.

Dow : As per my expectations, Dow is very near to 10000 mark. I would advise NRI clients to be cautious and may start exiting as there will be plenty supply near 10000.


Dhaval Shah

Investment Avade,y| Baroda | 09825528815


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